About Turbo

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a baby my mother had her radio under my carriage exposing me to great music from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Hendrix, and many others at a very young age. Being disabled gave me tough skin and over the years has taught me it’s better to be an individual than to follow the pack. My entire life has been one big jumble of things from being a goodwill ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association as a child to the multi-tasking nutball I am today.

I am now taking my production experience in television and passion for rock and metal music and combining them by throwing myself wheels first into being the best fucking promoter of rock and metal I can be. Doing everything from writing reviews and promoting shows to being a host in the rock and metal community as well as being the host of THE ASYLUM. Come join us as I bring you great music from bands you know and bands you should know.

Find me all over the net:
YouTube - www.youtube.com/officialturbo
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Twitter -  @TheRealTurbo