Wednesday, April 27, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 04-27-11

Here's this weeks playlist which included a visit to Cell Block 5 of Judas Priest cause of the announcement of K.K. Downing leaving the band.

  • Bringing Me Down by Drowning Pool
  • Enemy by Fozzy
  • No Feelings by Vince Neil
  • Lunch-Case by Tokyo Blade
  • Spirit of Rock by Scorpions
  • Changes by Gamma Ray
  • Lifer by Down
  • Halo [Live] by Soil with Zakk Wylde
  • For Whom The Bell Tolls [Live] by Metallica
  • Steeler by Judas Priest
  • Hellrider [Live] by Judas Priest
  • Heading Out To The Highway [Live] by Judas Priest
  • Deal With The Devil by Judas Priest
  • Future of Mankind by Judas Priest
  • Beers by Gods Green Earth
  • Cowboys Do More Dope by Rebel Meets Rebel
  • The Shape by Slipknot
  • Revolution Is My Name by Pantera
  • Life's A Song by Warrant
  • Novocaine by Bon Jovi
  • You're Going Down by Sick Puppies
  • Prayer For The Modern Age by Biting Saints
  • Dead Skin by Duff McKagan's Loaded
  • Say You'll Haunt Me by Stone Sour
  • Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand) by Marilyn Manson
  • Not Dead Yet by Static Kill
  • Sweet Embrace by Jason Saulnier
  • Knight of the Vasa Order by Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Cold Blood by Damageplan
  • Visceral by DEMILITIA
  • All Summer Long by Kid Rock
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 04-20-11

A jam packed show which included a trip into Cell Block 5 for some Type O Negative to remember Pete Steele and a little 4/20 music too.  Here's today's playlist:

  • I Am (I'm Me) by Twisted Sister
  • Locked And Loaded by Accept
  • Stand (At The Burning Tree) by Black Country Communion
  • A Special Place by Dame Fortune
  • Let The Madness Begin by Fozzy
  • Falling In Hate by Five Finger Death Punch
  • Drive by Halford
  • No Giving Up by Crossfade
  • Sounds Like War by P.O.D.
  • September Sun by Type O Negative
  • Be My Druidess by Type O Negative
  • Summer Breeze by Type O Negative
  • Xero Tolerance by Type O Negative
  • Hey Pete by Type O Negative
  • Bridge Burning by Foo Fighters
  • Goodnight LA by Scream Arena
  • Coming Home by Iron Maiden
  • Spreading The Disease [Live] by Queensryche
  • I Am The Walrus by The Beatles
  • Ships Passing Through The Night by Jimi Hendrix
  • Cosmic Charlie by Grateful Dead
  • White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
  • On Fire by Thinning The Herd
  • You Aren't Mine by The Saints of Pain
  • Somebody Someone by Korn
  • Suicide & Redemption by Metallica
  • The Best Of Times by Dream Theater
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 04-13-11

Here's this weeks playlist rockers:

  • For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) [Live] by AC/DC
  • Fun Night by Andrew W.K.
  • Mechanic God Creation by Arch Enemy
  • Perseverance by Beyond Agony
  • You're Never Alone by Hatebreed
  • Goin' Out Swingin' by Motley Crue
  • Warrior by Disturbed
  • Starting Over by Killswitch Engage
  • Unity by Korotory
  • All For The Glory by KISS
  • Worth Fighting For by Judas Priest
  • Get Back In Line by Motorhead
  • Fade To Black by Metallica
  • Only Women Bleed by Alice Cooper
  • Surrender [Live] by Cheap Trick
  • Heaven and Hell [Live] by Dio
  • Learning To Fall by Chickenfoot
  • Turn So Cold by Drowning Pool
  • Blazin by In This Moment
  • Who's Coming Back To Who by The Dirty Pearls
  • Flawed by Texas Hippie Coalition
  • Whiskey To Go by Tired Wings
  • Start A War by Static-X
  • Duality by Slipknot
  • Spiders by System Of A Down
  • Robbed Barren by ODD ZERO
  • Shadow Of A Soul by Godsmack
  • Shock The Monkey by Coal Chamber
  • Forsaken by Dream Theater
  • I Don't Wanna Grow Up by The Ramones
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When Mickey Leigh – musician and brother of punk rock star Joey Ramone – wrote “I Slept With Joey Ramone – A Punk Rock Family Memoir,” he thought he’d told it all: what it was like to grow up as Joey’s younger brother, how the formation of the Ramones band came to be, the behind the scenes highs and lows of the music business in the tumultuous and exciting punk rock era.  But that is not the end of the story!  The release of the paperback edition features a previously unpublished epilogue, written by Leigh, which bares the shocking drama that ensued following his brother’s death in 2001.

Even though Joey did not live to see it, passing away just weeks before turning 50, Leigh and his mother Charlotte Lesher were determined to keep their promise to celebrate his birthday in a way Joey himself would have done.  Literally within days, an all-star all-out rock and roll super concert and party was conceived and carried out…but not without its own drama.  You will read about why the other band members (Johnny, Marky and CJ Ramone) decided not to perform at the event and the death threats which resulted from the craziness.  Leigh has unveiled the reasons behind the delay in releasing the posthumous Joey Ramone debut solo album, and the continued harrowing negotiations to acquire the tapes for the forthcoming second CD, which Joey’s mother never got to hear.  The deaths of two other founding members of the Ramones – Johnny from cancer and Dee Dee from a drug overdose – also shook the rock world and caused tsunami-like repercussions within Ramones Productions Inc., the company that handles all Ramones-related activities.  When Joey’s and Mickey’s mother Charlotte died suddenly, it left Mickey as Joey’s heir and Linda Cummings as Johnny’s heir as joint heads of RPI – not an easy transition which is ongoing even today.  All this and more is revealed in detail in the new Epilogue included only in the just-released paperback version.

Acclaim for “I SLEPT WITH JOEY RAMONE” has been high and wide.  The New York Post called it “compelling” and the LA Times called it “an authoritative history.”  Rolling Stone Magazine gave the book a 4-star review, and declared it “A powerful story of Punk Rock inspiration” and Publisher’s Weekly proclaimed it “revelatory reading” and a “compelling portrait.”  And Booklist hailed it as “an essential addition to the Ramones files” while Library Journal raves that Leigh “wrote this enlightening book with love and respect…fans will cherish this touching portrait.”  Even fellow rock stars were lavish in their praise: U2’s Bono admitted “I wouldn’t exist as a singer without Joey Ramone.  Blame him” and radio personality and Bruce Springsteen’s long time guitarist, friend and sidekick Steven Van Zandt acclaimed “Mickey’s cool new book is not only important, it’s very, very moving.”

I SLEPT WITH JOEY RAMONE: A Punk Rock Family Memoir
By Mickey Leigh with Legs McNeil
Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Shuster
Published November 9, 2010
ISBN: 978-4391-5975-0
For more information on I SLEPT WITH JOEY RAMONE, please visit

FATALITY Announce EASTERN INTOXICATION TOUR + Release New Song For Free Download

Toronto's beer bong loving thrashers FATALITY has announced they will be trekking across east coast Canada and USA for their "Eastern Intoxication Tour"  and will be sounding their explosive form of high-energy thrash to fans with their independent release  "Beers From The Grave".
      Having shared the stage with acts such as Municipal Waste, Bonded By Blood, Evile, Holy Grail, Exodus, Razor, DBC, and headlining many of their own shows, FATALITY has demonstrated dedication to their passion for decimating audiences with their high voltage performances, and above everything else, having a damn good time.

"We could not be more ecstatic to extend our message of fun and heavy-metal indulgence to audiences on the east coast of Canada and the USA. We will not only be offering just a great live show, but rather an atmosphere, an attitude and a positive energy to our friends in the East! Can't wait!" commented Fatality vocalist/ guitarist Spencer Le Von.

     A free download of Fatality's latest song Uppercut mixed by Daniel Tsourounis, known for his handy work on Skull Fist's "Heavier Than Metal EP" can be found at the following link on here. -
Facebook Tour Event -
Tour dates:
May 4, 2011 - Oshawa, ON - The Atria - w/ Bolero, Into Exile, Fallen Legion (Free Show)
May 5, 2011 - Ottawa, ON - Café Dekcuf - w/ I Colossus, Naartok, Barrow Wight
May 6, 2011 - Montreal, QC - Hemisphere Gauche - w/ Dissension, Trainwreck Architect + guests
May 7, 2011 - St. Hyacinthe, QC - Bar le Trash - w/ Eternal Judgment, Alcoholator, Dusk, T.P.G.
May 8, 2011 - Quebec City, QC - Bar Octobre - w/ Eternal Judgment, Warnatic
May 11, 2011 - Moncton, NB - Plan B - w/ Sanktuary
May 12, 2011 - Fredericton, NB - F Studio - w/ Sanktuary
May 13, 2011 - Halifax, NS - Coconut Grove - w/ Sanktuary, Threshold Guardian
May 14, 2011 - Boston, MA - O’Brien’s Pub - w/ Skull Hammer, Led to the Grave, Manic Repressive
May 15, 2011 - Providence, RI - Firehouse 13 - w/ Skull Hammer + guests
May 16, 2011 - Portland, ME - Geno’s Rock Club - w/ Hessian, Skull Hammer, WarAnimal
May 17, 2011 - Framingham, MA - The Chop Shop - w/Skull Hammer, Crypter, Xatatax, Secret Headliner
May 18, 2011 - New York City, NY - The Acheron - w/ Brohammer
May 19, 2011 - Philadelphia, PA - JR'S Bar - w/Rumpelstitskin Grinder, Hessian, Coffin Dust
May 20, 2011 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Smiling Moose - w/ Mantic Ritual, Crown the Lost + guests
May 21, 2011 - Cleveland, OH - Gomorrah - w/ Vindicator, Miasmal Mammoth Grinder, Hatred Surge
May 22, 2011 - North Canton, OH - Sadie Rene’s - w/ Vindicator, Mortifier
June 3, 2011 - Toronto, ON - Blue Moon Pub - w/ Bolero, Derelict

Now, you can pre-order your copy of For Those About To Cook - We Sauté You!

The first 500 pre-orders will be listed as Supporting Vocals in the book and on the website. Those of you who pre-order after May 7 will have their names listed on the website only. This is to thank all of you who contribute to make this book happen - we cannot do it without you and we will give you an honourable mention as a Supporting Vocal!

If you live within the 48 continental United States or in the United Kingdom, you can pre-order with our web shop by clicking on the link to the right. If you DON'T live in this area, send us an email and we'll talk about how you can get on the list of Supporting Vocals too!

For Those About To Cook is a collection of recipes, anecdotes and pictures from musicians and music industry personnel. With contributions from numerous musical genres and countries, this is truly a multi-genre and multi-ethnic collector's cookbook. Readers will be presented with recipes ranging from appetizers to full course meals and desserts. For Those About To Cook is more than a cookbook: it is also a fan collectible as it includes short informative biographies, high quality pictures of the artists (mostly in a kitchen setting), pictures of the food and, in some cases, a quote about why the recipe or food is important to the contributor.

Readers and fans will gain an insider's view into the lifestyle and habits of the artists and bands; a sort of backstage pass or behind-the-scenes look into the lives of their favorite artists far from the stage and the studio.

About: Bruce Moore is a regular weekly contributor to PureGrainAudio, and has been published in various national and international music magazines including HM Magazine, Thrash Magazine, Crave, Sick Drummer, and The Gauntlet.

Freak Show Metal Collective THE NEW JACOBIN CLUB Announce 15th Anniversary Celebration

Freak show metal collective The New Jacobin Club has announced they will be celebrating their 15th Anniversary show on May 14th in their hometown of Saskatoon, SK at The Fez (834B Broadway Ave.). Born out of the Canadian prairies, their shocking theatrics and one of kind metal Broadway spectacle full of disturbing eye-popping visuals, which includes stunts with broken glass, machetes, syringes, staple guns, sledgehammers, torches, and the ever-popular flaming hula hoop has garnered the group a cult following of behemoth proportions.

    In addition to their freak show musical, NJC will be premiering re-written and re-orchestrated material from the mid 1990's that will find its way on a limited edition 15th anniversary NJC compilation released later this year.
NJC master The Horde commented on their big 15th.
"We'll be performing again for the first time since last fall as a full seven piece group. We'll still be playing a good chunk of our new album "This Treason," but we've made sure to include songs spanning the 15 years this band's been on stage. We've re-orchestrated and updated a few songs from the 90's, to incorporate the full force of our 2011 line-up into them and forge some links to the band's past. We'll be going into the studio shortly after to record some of these for a 15th anniversary release later this year.
We're also excited to announce that Miss Firecrotch Jones, our resident fire handler (of the Angry Teeth freak show), is hoping to return to the stage with us on May 14th. She spent the better part of the winter in hospital with a serious illness, and for a time in isolation and critical condition. She's been released and has regained a ton of strength and optimism. She's already helped plan parts of the 2011 stage show, which will throw a few new surprises out at our audiences. We're just happy she's recovering so fiercely!"

     Since their conception in 1996, NJC has released an EP and four albums their most recent being "THIS TREASON", a concept CD/DVD based on the tragic medieval life and death of England’s notorious warlord Sir Hugh Despenser.

   NJC has shared the stage with a diverse roster of touring acts such as NASHVILLE PUSSY, GROOVIE GHOULIES, KMFDM, VOLTAIRE and appeared live on stage with Discovery Channel’s freak show reality program GUINEA PIG. 

Show Dates:
April 22, 2011 - Walker's Nightclub - Saskatoon, SK - Voltaire, The New Jacobin Club (acoustic set), The Chase Walker Band
May 14, 2011 - The Fez - Saskatoon, SK - The New Jacobin Club w/ Black Earth (NJC 15th Anniversary Show) - FB Event -

Sacred Legacy inks deal with ROCK N GROWL :: New album :: Tour 2011

Death/Trash Metaller "Sacred Legacy" from the Maldives signed a worldwide deal with ROCK N GROWL for promotion an management.

The band is working now heavily on the new album release "THE LEGACY BEGINS" in 2011 an touring in Europe and South Africa.

New Upcoming Album 2011 "THE LEGACY BEGINS" is more into melodic metal.
1. Forsaken (sons of Ipswich)
2. into the Pit
3. Lie in Your Face
4. Mystic Wonders
5. Angel Blade
6. The Legacy Begins
7. Temple of Death
8. Inhuman Sacrifice
9. Cauldron Of Resurrection
10. Visions of Future Destruction
11. Death Sentence

Ahmed Ikram (Iku) - Guitars

European Tour 2011 with New Born Hate
27.4. - Genova, Italy
28.4. - Basel, Switzerland
29.4. Graz, Austria
30.4. Regensburg, Germany

South Africa Tour "The Legacy Begins" On July 2011
The Red Door - Pietermaritzburg
Kwazulu - Natal
The Mystic Boer - Bloemfontein
The Assembly - Cape Town, Johannesburg

The Band Sacred Legacy was formed in the early 2006 with Shahyd as the key person of the band,
After the performance in His 1st band “Syn” in the early 2004 he started his own Guitar solo career.
After quitting the band Syn, he started experimenting with many genres of music and got inspired by
Thrash, Melodic and Progressive Metal and neo Classic. He also got inspiration from Japanese Anime
soundtracks .One main reason Shahyd plays music is because of his daughter Mishka, who also
inspires him to keep on going.

In 2006, Shahyd started his own solo career and started working on his first album. He wanted to
bring a change to the Maldivian music scene with his music. So he released his first album on 23rd
September 2006 which was “The Sacred Legacy”. He launched the album with a successful show
featuring Tormenta and Serenity Dies. Thus was the band’s first performance and Shahyds 1st solo

The band has released their 1st album "Apocalypse" on 5th July 2007, on Domination Fest '07. And
also in the same year Sacred Legacy participated in the "Rockstorm Festival: Freak Your Senses" After So many Successful Shows The Band Started working on the 2nd album (Undying Heart) and was Released in November 2008 which was one of the melodical Albums of the year featuring many
Maldivians Artists.

Due to their great music and stunning performance in the Maldives breakout fest 2009, the band has
signed with an endorsement contract with one of the leading companies in Maldives. Fomax Maldives
Pvt. Ltd. In 2010 the band had their greatest success with burn rock concert and breakout festival with has made the band fans base much bigger than before.

The band's current lineup is Shahyd and Iku on Guitars, Azzam on Bass, Wadde on Drums and Bloody
on Vocals. With two successful albums released, the male' winners of last years breakout fest is
currently working on their 3rd album entitled THE LEGACY BEGINS and Shahyd's new solo album

2011 - THE LEGACY BEGINS (to be released in 2011)
2011 - NOSTALGIA [Shahyd Legacy SOLO ALBUM] (to be released later 2011)

Check them out:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 04-06-11

Here's this weeks playlist if you missed anything:

  • Movies by Alien Ant Farm
  • We Want The Airwaves by The Ramones
  • Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band
  • London Calling by The Clash
  • Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy
  • Leviathan by Alestorm
  • Re-Arranged by Limp Bizkit
  • Beds Are Burning by Midnight Oil
  • Our Time by Moth Eater
  • Right Before You by Systematic
  • As Real As It Gets by Sworn Enemy
  • Blood On Wood by Charred Walls of the Damned
  • We've Got A Situation Here by The Damned Things
  • Moment Of Truth by Damageplan
  • Revelation Machine by Devildriver
  • Mother Heart by Vulgaras
  • Cadence Of Her Last Breath by Nightwish
  • Juggernaut of Justice by Anvil
  • Dangers of the Faithless by Testament
  • Sweet Leaf [Live] by Black Sabbath
  • Rolling Thunder by Accept
  • On A Wicked Night by Danzig
  • Regular People (Conceit) by Pantera
  • Dance (mofo) by Panzie*
  • Dissident by Pearl Jam
  • Purgatory Child (Beau Hill Remix) by Burning Black
  • Broken Trust by Zandelle
  • Resolve by Foo Fighters
  • Son Of Detroit by Kid Rock
  • No Excuses by Alice in Chains
  • Polly [Live] by Nirvana
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