Thursday, January 29, 2009

:::KILLCODE:::-Strippers-Free Beer! Our friends Rahway&more

:::KILLCODE::: and RAHWAY are headlining the January Music Festival!!!!!
Click the pic to get to :::KILLCODE:::'s page or go to
www. myspace. com/rahway
for my info!
Be there or hear about it later!

Have A Taste of The Champagne Charade

Every now an again you come across bands that make you scratch you head. You sit there listening to a new band that has a sound that is all over radio and MTV yet no ones heard of them or give them their chance. The Champagne Charade is one such band with a sound that has hints of the 80s metal bands mixed in with some of today’s hits amongst the high school crowds, like Paramore or Flyleaf.

At first listen you figure it’s just another rock band with a chick on vocals, but the difference here is that Saetia LaReoux can sing. Unlike the aforementioned Paramore and Flyleaf who are just trying to scream and moan to stardom, Saetia has the abilities to do it all. She can thrill you with her intensity and still blow you away with the range and power that she has. Listening to every song you can see her putting her all into each song, much like the great frontmen and women of the bands of the 80s.

Take the song Tainted Blood for example, which could easily be the single off of Glitter City. It’s a fast and upbeat song that highlights Saetia’s vocal range and intensity in one song while giving a nice throw back to the days of Twisted Sister and Motley Crue where the band chimed in as a whole to add that extra unexpected hit to the lyrics. And the overall use of guitars throughout makes you wonder if someone invented a time machine and took Rob Hughes (AKA Bobby Venom) and Kaedon Gray back to the 80s to learn the skills directly from that time.

I listen to their dueling guitars and I’m instantly remind me of the way Iron Maiden has blown people away with similar talent for thirty years. In Death Walks At Midnight is where this truly shines as Bobby and Kaedon split duties on the solo to really seal the song away. And that’s only one place that you can find them abilities as guitar solos are spread throughout the album, another missing element in today’s music. Its bands like this that need the attention or the labels before guitar solos become a forgotten art form connected to the 80s.

The sad part of this story is that drummer Chris Crypts has recently departed to pursue things away from the music industry. And that will be a hard drum kit to fill because he stands out in every track, setting the pace and saying “hey I’m here too!” I wish him the best in his future ventures but he has surely made his mark here. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of The Champagne Charade.

Glitter City is a strong and solid album from beginning to end. It’s a nice blend of intensity and fun that the bands of the 80s brought to us. And they even have a power ballad on the album, Meant To Be, which could easily be the song to get them massive radio time on the top 40 formats. And its ironic because as I see it, The Champagne Charade is meant to be big.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ashent's 2nd Album Coming in March

Lion Music is pleased to announce the signing of Italian metallers ASHENT.
Their second album "DECONSTRUCTIVE" will be released in March 20th 2009.
"Deconstructive" is a potent progressive experience with many techno-thrash elements, some melodic death references and gothic atmospheres. Each song has its own distinct style with a mix of huge riffs, great variety of tempo, persuasive harmonies, great melodies and shredding arrangements. Essentially Ashent represents the darkest and heaviest side of progressive metal, sharing dramatic and intense emotions with the intimacy of an inner journey, all wrapped in a modern musical and lyrical language.

Here it is the new cover!

Track Listing:
Sinking Beneath
To Develop Self-Creativity
The Resonance Of Life
Spectral Vanity
How Could It Feel Like This?
Ebb And Flow Of Awareness
Starlinked Innerness
Eclipsing Binary
Music For Departure

Played by:
Steve Braun: vocals
Onofrio Falanga: guitars
Davide Buso: drums
Gianpaolo Falanga: bass
Cristiano Bergamo: guitars
Paolo Torresani: keyboards

All music written by Onofrio Falanga and Ashent.

All lyrics written by Steve Braun and Ashent.

Produced by Onofrio Falanga, Gianpaolo Falanga and Luigi Stefanini.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luigi Stefanini at New Sin Studio.

Additional guitar-recordings engineered by Glenn Fricker at Spectre-sound studio.

Guest guitar solo on “Eclipsing binary” by Daniele Gottardo.

Artwork and layout by Mario SanchezNevado.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Jonathan Clarke will be spinning :::KILLCODE::: tonight on New York's Q104.
Jonathan will be spinning the song "Truce" off of :::KILLCODE::: "To Die For"
during his show, "Out of the Box"
The show features bands you know and bands that you should know.

You can check the link below to listen and learn more.
Rock on!


Friday, January 2, 2009


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