Wednesday, January 26, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 01-26-11

Even though I was out for my birthday the night before, THE ASYLUM still opened on schedule.  Here's the playlist.

  • Last Night by The Strokes
  • Crazy Train [Live] by Ozzy Osbourne
  • Boom by P.O.D.
  • Wait And Bleed by Slipknot
  • Blackout by Scorpions
  • Fire It Up by Black Label Society
  • There Is Always by Eighteen Visions
  • Carved In Stone by Scar Symmetry
  • Refuse To Be Denied by Anthrax
  • Playing With Dolls by Slayer
  • The Conjuring by Megadeth
  • The Frayed Ends Of Sanity by Metallica
  • The Persecuted Won't Forget by Testament
  • In Silent Ruin by Ashes Within
  • What I Can't See by COSMOS
  • A Soul In Exile by Desdemon
  • Rich & Famous by Gamma Ray
  • Who Don't Follow by Jason Saulnier
  • Unity by Korotory
  • Overnight Angels by Joe Elliott's Down 'n' Outz
  • Down Again by Black Country Communion
  • One Short Life by Motorhead
  • Communication Breakdown by Slash featuring Myles Kennedy
  • Shoot To Thrill [Live] by AC/DC
  • Starblind by Iron Maiden
  • Meant To Live by Switchfoot
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 01-19-11

Here you go gang, this weeks playlist.

  • Rock N Roll Jesus by Kid Rock
  • This Is Heavy Metal by Lordi
  • Fake Messiah by Lamb Of God
  • The Clouding by Iced Earth
  • On And On by Maria Kizirian
  • Lost Along The Way by Staind
  • This Time by Smashing Pumpkins
  • Above Ground by Scarlet Sins
  • Lipstick Loathing by ODD ZERO
  • Giant Need by The Heaves
  • 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day
  • Pinball Wizard by The Who
  • See You In Hell by Merauder
  • Predisposed by Ill NiƱo
  • Devil Song by Killcode
  • Groupie Girl by Texas Hippie Coalition
  • Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Days featuring Zakk Wylde
  • Shakin Hands by Nickelback
  • Pole Rider by Hellyeah
  • Temptation by ZO2
  • Aquiescence Of Illusion by Desdemon
  • Anywhere In The Galaxy by Gamma Ray
  • Solitaire by Zia Regime
  • Prophets Of War by Dream Theater
  • Reasons To Live by DragonForce
  • Nobody's Fault by Vince Neil
  • The Seed [Live] by Down
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 01-12-11

Here's this weeks playlist where we returned to Cell Block 5 for some Y&T to pay tribute to their bass player Phil Kennemore who recently lost his battle with cancer, you'll be missed but never forgotten.

  • I'm Your Boogie Man by White Zombie
  • Wild One by Thin Lizzy
  • The Mission by Queensryche
  • The Way It Is [Live] by Tesla
  • Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd
  • The Lemon Song by Led Zepplin
  • Saturday Night Special by Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Shine On by Y&T
  • Mean Streak by Y&T
  • Midnight In Tokyo [Live] by Y&T
  • Rock & Roll's Gonna Save The World by Y&T
  • Squeeze by Y&T
  • Psycho Holiday [Live] by Pantera
  • Dr. K. by Metal Health Association
  • I'm Alive by ZO2
  • The Burning Martyr by Desdemon
  • Beyond The Black Hole by Gamma Ray
  • Hotel California by Vulgaras
  • Somewhere by Scream Arena
  • Run Now by Phoenix Reign
  • Six Months And The Summer by A Need For Reason
  • Grinder [Live] by Judas Priest
  • Believe by Disturbed
  • Hunter's Season by Kamelot
  • Horns Up by Drowning Pool
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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Internet Be For Pirates Says I

Everyone thinks of pirates nowadays and they instantly think of Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom or some other movie created image that we've been given as a reference for pirates.  Even the traditional skull and crossbones has lost some of it's meaning.  But what we have forgotten here is that pirates are not necessarily the rum-chugging, swash-buckling, foul-mouthed and smelly individuals they are depicted as in most movies.  Pirates can be regular everyday people, like you or I.  It was only a few decades ago that pirate radio existed, the movie of the same name proves it.

The idea of Pirate Radio was simple; operate from an area outside jurisdiction of anyone's rules and regulations and broadcast on an unused frequency.  The movie "Pirate Radio" focused on how in England pirate radio was how rock n roll was heard since it wasn't permitted on "normal" stations.  And of course over time society changed and eventually rock n roll was accepted, albeit the definition of rock n roll has changed over the years.  And while watching the movie "Pirate Radio" late one night it hit me; pirate radio lives in a new generation and new form.

In a society becoming numb to rock and metal due to a constant influx of half-dressed untalented divas or wannabe thug rappers, a need for airplay has grown for supporters of rock and metal and other unpopular music forms.  But there is no way to survive out in international waters a radio station like in "Pirate Radio" but there is a unregulated area bigger than international waters.  And that's the internet.  A realm that is completely unregulated and uncontrolled by the music industry where any song from any music artist can not only be played but heard worldwide in it's unedited and uncensored form.  Which means anyone can get their music played and heard.

And what does this mean?  This means that true pirates exist, bringing to the masses what they truly want.  The seas are now the internet and the ships are the thousands of internet radio stations funded and DJed by individuals who are sick of what's played on industry and government controlled radio stations.  So that makes me a Pirate and I say long live Pirate Radio on the seas of the internet that we sail on. ARRR!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 01-05-11 - It's A SNEW Year

The first show of 2011 starts the year off with a bang, here's what you missed which includes SNEW's entire live performance from the launch party in September of 2010.

  • Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue
  • Party All Day by Steel Panther
  • Complicated by Bon Jovi
  • You Wanted The Best by KISS
  • Jig Of The Juggernaut by Ockum's Razor
  • Dance Of Death by Iron Maiden
  • Creature Of The Wheel [Live] by Rob Zombie
  • Stand Up High [Live] by SNEW
  • Got Love [Live] by SNEW
  • Kick Me Over [Live] by SNEW
  • We Do What We Want [Live] by SNEW
  • Feedback And Distortion [Live] by SNEW
  • Risking My Life [Live] by SNEW
  • SNEW You [Live] by SNEW
  • Heavy Water [Live] by SNEW
  • Iago by Desdemon
  • Dream Healer by Gamma Ray
  • Revival by Fozzy
  • Come To Naught by DEMILITIA
  • Spasm by Meshuggah
  • Sixteen Tons by DeBourge & Catharsis
  • Human Shields by Fear Factory
  • The Past by Korn
  • Lost In Hollywood by System Of A Down
  • In The Name Of Tragedy by Motorhead
  • Los Angeloser by Meat Loaf
  • Dumb [Live] by Nirvana
  • Better by Guns N' Roses
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