Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Phoenix Reign Flies High

When I first got into the rock and metal scene women were thought of as objects for the guys to drool over as they watched videos of their favorite bands. As I began my quest for great rock and metal I was awakened to the fact the woman can rock out just as well as the guys. From the all girl bands like Girlschool, Vixen, and Kittie to women leading the band vocally like Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, and Nightwish; the proof is in the music. And now is time to add Phoenix Reign to that list of stellar bands with female fronts with their album Destination Unknown.

The strong yet haunting vocals of frontwoman Theresa Gaffney will grab you and almost force you to listen. And her voice is only one of the tools used by Phoenix Reign as they put together an album full of intense songs that show the full potential off what they can do as a whole. YES, I said whole because while Theresa’s voice may the first thing to get your attention, it isn’t long before you entangled in the double guitars, much like that of the legendary Iron Maiden.

The riffs that Billy Chrissochos and Kostas Psarros pour out into every track on the album are amazing. They work together like a well-oiled machine and can blow you away with their individual abilities. They show that they have a true passion for their craft and have speed that would make Dragonforce feel like fools for using editing equipment for speed. And they work in unity with the rhythm that you almost forget about the bass and drums if they allowed you too.

Just when you might start wondering about the bass and drums you come across the title track where Wayne Noon and Chris Pallatos make their stand as they set the pace. And because the title track comes late on the album you are instantly triggered to go back to the first track and listen to the album over again. Resulting in new discoveries being made and having tracks remind you of places or people.

For me Masquerade Angel jumped out like a monster in a haunted mansion. With the line of “you’re a devil on disguise” triggers the thought of someone you might know now or someone you once knew that hid the true colors from you. And then you move on to the parts of Destination Unknown that show how talented this band is. Open Your Eyes opens your ears to the possibilities as it starts with a gentle opening that slowly builds to a intensity that shocks you as the speed kicks in.

And then there’s the epic of the album, Constantinople 1453 (On The Eve Of The Fall) coming in at just under twelve minutes at the end of the album pulling it all together. This track takes everything you’ve come to know about Phoenix Reign from this album and throws it all together into one amazing piece of work. It isn’t often you find a track that defies description, but this one does. It just needs to be heard to understand and appreciate its full potential.

Everyone knows that a Phoenix is a legendary bird that rises from ashes, but Phoenix Reign hasn’t risen from ashes. It is a band whose member’s talents belong together as if destiny set it in motion years ago. They are surely a band whose future is as bright as a blazing firestorm.

KILLCODE #2 of 08 on Blogs and Roses

Throw the horns up to Blogs and Roses for making "To Die For" second on their year end list of top EPs for 2008.

Check the entire list at

And if you haven't checked out KILLCODE yet then I urge you to do so immediately.

Monday, December 29, 2008


GODAMHATE playing LIVE January 2nd, 2009

Ace of Clubs
9 Great Jones Street

Show starts at 10PM, Start ’09 out with a bang by hitting this show

Monday, December 22, 2008

Plenty to Admire About ODD ZERO

With the current rock and metal scene going in so many different directions these days it’s harder to come across bands that stand out. ODD ZERO is without a doubt a stand out band. Their influences, ranging from The Clash to Metallica, show on their EP Admire The Liar from start to finish.

From the second Mike Friedman opens his mouth on the title track you can feel the 70s punk scene as if you were time warped to the early days of CBGB’s. And you won’t need to read liner notes to figure out what the song is about. He manages to bring the intensity and passion for the music without garbling up the words. Add in the insane riffs from Mike Fujii and the intensity level goes up another notch. Some off the riffs laid down, like the opening of the song Dirty Electric, would make the late great Dimebag Darrell put up the horns. It’s scary how Mike Fujii can blend all his influences together to create a sound that is his. And you reach the top levels of intensity when the strong drumming of Milton Hernandez and solid bass work from Tay Malloy. It’s often hard to have the rhythm section stand out but they make themselves known. The walking bass line on Nervous Around Me helps set the tone and rhythm of the song perfectly.

The tracks are solid from start to finish and all belong together. Often you find one track on an album that makes you sit and wonder what the band was doing by adding it in. ODD ZERO put together an album that rocks from start to end. Like a little funk in your metal? Then the title track is perfect as it breaks down into a funky little hit, as if you put No Doubt on a dose of steroids. And I can totally see Notorious becoming a landmark in sports venues worldwide. The intimidation and intensity that comes through on this track could easily make a visiting team rethink their abilities.

These guys are no liars, the intensity in the Admire The Liar EP is enough to make even the casual rock and metal fan go nuts. There ain’t nothing odd about ODD ZERO but there’s plenty to bang your head to.

Have A Rockin' Holiday

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

AREA 44 in Hoboken DEC. 19


12.19.08 Gig

Friday, December 12, 2008

Heard today while listening to 92.3 KROCK that Axl Rose recently broke his silence since the release of Chinese Democracy by having an online chat to answer some questions. And if you haven’t purchased the album yet I urge you to read my review of it in a previous blog and then get a copy of it.

As to the chat Axl took part in, two things mentioned by the DJ about the chat caught me by surprises. The first being that Axl did his best to avoid any talk of a GNR reunion. Axl should’ve known that people are going to harp on a reunion because so many bands have done so recently to great success. I would be the first in line for tickets for a GNR reunion tour but I also know that it’s a very unlikely idea right now.

The second thing mentioned was that Axl said that there was enough new material in the can from the sessions of Chinese Democracy to release 2 more albums of new material. If there are 2 more albums worth of material then when will we get it? Why not throw it together and make a huge comeback with 3 albums after a 14-year hiatus? I say go into the studio and polish them songs off and get those other albums out while it’s hot.

Axl knows to take it slow based on his history, but with the possibility to bang out more albums and get GNR back on the map again should be the next step.

ZANDELLE at Sundance on DEC. 18

Monday, December 8, 2008

Forever Rocking The Masses

It was four years ago that my mother woke me to say that the legendary Dimebag Darrell was killed by some psycho. That was followed by phone calls and e-mails as many of us in the rock and metal community racked our brains trying to figure out why this travesty happened and trying to accept the fact that the only time we’d hear Dimebag again is through the albums, videos, and memories we have of him.

For those of you honored enough to meet him and spend time with him, I envy you. The stories of how great a person he was continue to amaze me. To those who aren’t familiar with him I encourage you to find every song and album he’s ever played on and listen to the stories about him.

You may physically be gone, but you will rock lives for years to come.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Catch Blackwood Live this Weekend


12-06-2008 18:00 at The Annex
152 ORCHARD STREET, New York, New York 10009
Blackwood will be performing with: Master Illusionist David Martin, Pop artist Nicollette Varanelli and other artists to be announced. This is a charity event for "CHILDREN WITHOUT A VOICE USA". Their charity helps abused children. The cause is a real good one so please come out and show your support. Tickets are $15 and all proceeds go to "CHILDREN WITHOUT A VOICE USA" If you care and want to help support a great cause you’ll be there! So please show your support! For more info go to: and

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chinese Democracy Has Arrived

Yes, you’re reading correct. Guns N Roses has finally released the long awaited album Chinese Democracy. It is true that the band physically isn’t the GNR that many of us came to know and love over the years, but the album picks up just where they left off 14-years ago.

The first thing that everyone needs to realize is that this album is not another Appetite for Destruction. Too many people are expecting that from them and the truth is that Appetite for Destruction is a landmark album that would be hard to duplicate even if the original line-up was still together. Chinese Democracy is much more along the lines of Use Your Illusion 1 and 2 in that the majority of the tracks are longer than 3 minutes and are a mixture of shredding guitars and orchestral sounds.

With that said lets get into the album itself shall we. It’s safe to say from the album that Axl’s vocals are just as solid as we remember them. He doesn’t struggle to hit notes out of his range. Yes you could argue that the vocals are clean due to post production, but you can say that about any album nowadays. And for those of you wondering whether or not GNR would be anything without Slash, wonder no more. The combination of Buckethead and Bumblefoot really brings it all together. The only problem is that they are both on a majority of the tracks and theirs is currently no way to tell who is who.

The album opens with the title track with a gradual start, much like Welcome to The Jungle did for Appetite for Destruction. It’s a strong opening track but it is only one of three Appetite-like tracks. For me the closest this album gets to Appetite is the track Scraped. This track is a bombardment of heavy guitars with solo’s that will completely reassure your faith in the current state of GNR.

As for the rest of the album, it leans more towards the Use Your Illusion albums using a mix of orchestral melodies with shredding guitars. Street of Dreams opens with a piano and will almost instantly have you thinking it’s a reminder of the epic November Rain as it smoothly joins piano and guitar solo’s together. Then there is Madagascar. This track is got to be the bastard child of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Combing horns, violins and intense guitars along with an audio montage that just ties it all together makes this song stand out. Why its not getting more airplay is beyond me.

All in all, it was worth waiting fourteen years for this album. However if you’re a casual Guns N Roses fan who only knows Appetite for Destruction than this is not an album for you. But if you appreciate the Use Your Illusion albums or just enjoy a good album that showcases everything a band has going for them then go out and get yourself a copy of Chinese Democracy.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Loud for Life Show


Two Chances to see AREA 44

AREA 44 has two dates coming up.

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
337 West Broadway
New York


Friday, December 19th, 2008
Bar Saints & Sinners
205 First Street
Hoboken, NJ


Don't forget to come catch Zandelle live...

Tuesday November 25 at
620 Van Houten Avenue, Clifton NJ

As special guests of...

Also performing will be our good friends LOST LEGACY.

Doors open at 8PM
Zandelle hits the stage at 9PM

Tickets still available (reply to this email to find out more)


Friday December 5 at
9 Great Jones Street, NYC


Doors at 8PM
Zandelle hits the stage at midnight with a full 1 hour set!

Only $10 at the door.

We hope to see you there!

www. zandelle. net
www. myspace. com/zandelle

Friday, November 21, 2008

Odd Zero on the A Rock Show

Check out Odd Zero as they swing by the A Rock Show on Tuesday December 2nd for some questions and fun.

Check out A Rock Show, WP 88.7FM (William Patterson University Radio) or streaming online at, from 2-6pm on Tuesday December 2nd.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Check out PHOENIX REIGN Live at The Chance

Phoenix Reign will be playing at The Chance in Poughkeepsie on December 1st.
Also on the bill is Powerglove and Tourisas.
Tickets are $12 and can be gotten directly from Phoenix Reign.

Don't miss this awesome show, tell them Turbo sent you.

Keep Rockin'

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Please get everyone and there mother to vote for Zandelle to play at BB KINGS CLUB, their name is on the list just find it type your name and email and submit.

Keep Rockin'

Friday, November 7, 2008

Watch Out Cause KILLCODE Is Loose

Being a fan and promoter of rock and metal I’m always looking for bands that can grab me on the first listen. With some bands of recognition are releasing new material that requires more than one listen and newer bands requiring multiple listens just to get a feel for their style, that first grab doesn’t happen often. But KILLCODE has the grab. And once they grab you with their EP To Die For you’ll be hooked.

To Die For is an album that helps to prove that great rock and metal lives strongly and is no where near dying. From the opening track L.I.T.A through the last track Goes Down Easy it’s a solid album full of awesome guitar riffs and solos along with strong vocals that tie everything together as if these guys have been around for several years instead of just breaking out.

In a solid album like this it’s hard to pick out a song that stands out from the rest. There are flying guitar solos in every track which is a breath of fresh air with so many bands leaving that out of songs nowadays. At the midway point of the album is the song Something Better which might just be the song to get them some major recognition in the mainstream music world. It’s an acoustic track that anyone can connect to. It reminds me of Bon Jovi’s acoustic version of Livin’ On A Prayer but better. Why better you ask? Because no matter where you are in life you always feel like there might be something better out there for you but its just not making itself obvious.

Aside from that, the opening track L.I.T.A is a track that I know many can enjoy and surely sing along with. One listen and you’ll smirk like a cat who caught the mouse as you realize what the title means and you begin to think about that person who should have it as their theme song. And if your looking for a track that has it all from start to stop then check out Broken Heel. With a smooth lead it lulls you into a brief relaxed state only to slam you over the head with riffs that’d make anyone stand up and shout “ROCK N ROLL!!”

Overall, if you’re a fan of rock and metal, KILLCODE is a must have as they will surely be around for decades to come.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Big Announcement Is Here

As many of you read last week, I said I was going to be making an announcement regarding my latest venture in life. Well that announcement is here.

Because of my passion for rock and metal music I have decided to enter into the music world as a multi-purpose individual with Turbo Promotions. Which means I am making myself available to everyone in the rock and metal world for the following:

- I will promote shows, album release and other things online through my blogs on MySpace and Turbo’s Time as well as with bulletins.
- I will write album reviews for bands. These reviews will be posted on my blogs on MySpace and Turbo’s Time.
- I will be available to be a host or guest for shows. Right now I am only available in the New York City and 5-Boroughs.
- I have video production experience and will be more than happy to help bands with music videos.
- More to come

I also want to make it very clear that I AM NOT trying to compete with anyone who is doing the same kind of work that I am now putting in motion for myself. Rock and metal is a large community that doesn’t get its fair chance in this world and the more of us out there getting the word out the better. I hope to be able to work alongside great rock and metal people in the not so distant future.

Rock and metal bands who’d like to work with me can reach me on MySpace and at the official e-mail for Turbo Promotions;

Keep Rockin’

Monday, October 27, 2008

Some updates on myself....

I'm starting to finally put some ideas in motion.

I am in progress of my first drawing. I'm hoping to finish it within the next few weeks, once I can get some colors that I am missing to finish it. I will share it with all once finished.

Second, within the next week or so I'll be making an announcement on my next venture in life. I've run the idea by some people and just need to get some more info and set something up before making the announcement. So keep you eyes open.

I'm looking forward to some new music coming in the near future, including the long awaited Guns N Roses album Chinese Democracy. I'll try to get it as soon as it hits to give it a listen and let everyone know my thoughts of it.

Lastly, I'm very excited about the Rangers start to the 08-09 season. This is a great sign of possible things to come. Hoping we put a hurting on them fishsticks in Long Island tonight.

Keep Rockin'

Friday, October 17, 2008

High School is NOT a Happy Musical

I can hear the young kids and fans of Disney screaming already; "He's going to attack Disney, lynch him!!" Put your flames and pitchforks down folks. I am and have been a Disney fan for years. I can easily sit down to watch Disney classics like Alice in Wonderland or Winnie the Pooh because I choose to. Plus let's not forget that Disney brought us our favorite Jack's, Jack Skellington and Captain Jack Sparrow.

My issue is with the phenomenon known as High School Musical which makes high school look like everyone gets along with everyone and at the end it's a fairytale ending of beautiful people. When did this replace movies like Grease and The Breakfast Club as a movie to watch about high school and why didn't I get the memo.

Yes, I know Grease is a musical. But Grease covers ALL high school issues from the new girl trying to fit in to trying to find yourself and even the topic of teen pregnancy. And we all know that teenage pregnancy is becoming an issue that needs more discussion now then it even did ten years ago, right Sarah Palin??

The Breakfast Club is a classic because it shows the different groups that form in high school, the pressures that they felt by their peers and parents and that deep down everyone has something in common but high school almost forces people into separate social systems.

The High School Musical phenomenon has many of our pre-teens thinking that high school is going to be fun and happy and EVERYONE will get along. Everyone in society needs to get along before sub-social systems can ever think of being perfect.

I'm not saying to keep your kids away from High School Musical, by all means if they like it let them see it. But also let them see Grease and The Breakfast Club to even out the fairytale with some reality. And, most importantly, share your high school experiences with them because THAT is the REAL high school they need to hear about.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gone but not forgotten

I know its been a bit since my last entry. Been a bit busy with a few things but I have a few things in mind that you'll hear my thoughts on very soon. So, just hold tight cause there's plenty more coming from yours truly for you all.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vampires are NOT a fad

I really need to vent about all these people who read the Twilight Saga and suddenly think that they are part of the Vampire society and think it’s the in thing to do and that Hot Topic is suddenly a great place to shop. Twilight is nothing more than the Vampire equivalent of Harry Potter; taking a dark history of lore and legend and watering it down so that anyone can read and understand it just to make a quick buck. Don’t get me wrong, Harry Potter has it strong points but I’m getting annoyed at how legends and lore that once was only for those who were truly interested in the topics and lifestyle.

There are tons of books about Vampires written over the years that are better places to start than Twilight. There’s the classic Dracula by Bram Stoker, which in my mind should be in everyone’s book collection. From there you have the Complete Vampire Chronicles from Anne Rice; which includes Interview with the Vampire. Then there are the more modern books like the Southern Vampire Mysteries from Charlaine Harris which have become the basis for the HBO series True Blood, saying that Vampires do exists and just want to be accepted by society. And the Necroscope series from Brian Lumley which takes you into a tale of vampires, psychics and so much more. And these are only a few books that are based on the lore and legend of Vampires, all of which should be put much higher than Twilight on the must read list.
And what really blows my mind about all these people who suddenly think its in to be goth and a Vampire are people who for years mocked and degraded both societies as outcasts. The same people who looked at Hot Topic funny and wondered who shops there and why? Well I got news for you all, posers are easily spotted so you better be serious about getting into Vampire lore, legend, and society because posers running on a FAD are not welcome in bit……or should I say bite?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't Be Such a Taser

OK, by now everyone has seen the following news story:

Cops Taser Man

Some people are saying the cops did what they had to do. ARE YOU KIDDING??? You get a call about a nude man in public and as authority figures you decide to pack tasers and then proceed to use them on a the individual while he's at a height that could, and did, result in a fatality. It's time to rethink our people in charge of authority.

Last week a bull runs rampant in Queens and authorities do everything they can to capture the beast safely by bringing nets, tranquilizers and go after the bull with its best interest being thought of. Unfortunately the bull died later and everyone feels bad.

Here we are a week later where the bull is replaced by a man, HUMAN BEING, who is off his medication which has caused him to go out in public nude and confused, and what do the cops do?? They treat him like he's holding a hostage and feel that the "any means necessary" moto applies. Resulting in the guy being tasered which caused him to lose his balance and fall to his death.

It's time we re-evaluate our authority systems who would sooner tase, shoot, or beat individuals who are no harm to the public while the gang members and idiots with guns and knifes are running around getting away with everything from armed robbery to murder.

TV Inspires

For those of you who are curious as to why yours truly is in a wheelchair, well the answer is simple. I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy which is listed as a disorder that falls under the category of Muscular Dystrophy. So basically I need the wheels to be able to get around and I need assistance doing things.

What does this have to do with TV you ask? Well that to is simple. Because it falls under the category of Muscular Dystrophy, I have been part of the Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon for 24 years. And for those of you curious of the math, that means I've been on TV and behind the scenes since the age of 4. My early years had me in front of the camera which lead to a curiosity of what went on behind the scenes. This lead me to furthering my knowledge of Television Production from Junior High School all the way through to my degree from Brooklyn College.

I've been lucky enough to have been a part of the production team for the Telethon since graduating High School. I started out as an Audience Coordinator/Production Assistant and have been lucky enough to be a Producer/Director for the last four years. I now have an award from MDA for Broadcast Journalism because the pieces I put together are upbeat and share the lives of individuals with Muscular Dystrophy in a positive light instead of the typical pity party they normally air. After all just cause you happen to have a disability, it doesn't mean your life is over.

So, you never know where inspiration for what you might be talented in doing in life will come from. And you can check out my work in the Highlight Reel area, maybe it'll inspire you in some way.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Every time has it's beginning

Hey there folks, Turbo here. Yes that is the name I go by in most circles and I think it says a lot. This is the beginning of many sessions to come on several things. In brief, it's time to make my mark in this crazy world we survive in. I'm aiming to become several things. Starting with furthering my career in television production and SO MUCH more.

Seeing as the economy is failing and I chose a very competitive field I have too much time on my hands. Thus I am going to begin drawing again, sharing my opinions on everything in this world, reviewing things and lastly try to become an internet icon in some way, shape, or form.

Prepare for a long haul people as my tank is fuel and the highway we call life is calling. Grab your helmets and prepare to ride and if you get offended at any point in the ride, just wait for whatever comes next.